Karma Yoga emanates from karma-logy

A poor Scottish farmer was walking down the road. Suddenly, he heard a cry for help. To his horror, he found a boy mired in black muck up to waist and struggling furiously to pull himself out. The farmer immediately geared up, swung into action and pulled out the boy to safety. He brought him home, gave a wash and something to eat, then let him go home.

Next morning, an aristocratic gentleman knocked at his door. The farmer came out to be greeted by him, “You saved my son. I am grateful to you and wish to reward you.” “Thanks”, said the humble farmer, “But I don’t need any reward. I just did what I felt, should have been done at that moment of reckoning.” “Is he your son?” asked the nobleman pointing to the young lad standing behind and peeping curiously. The farmer nodded in affirmation. The aristocrat nobleman offered to educate his son as a gesture which the poor farmer accepted after a bit of hesitation.

Years passed. Farmer’s son grew up to become Sir Alexander Fleming who was awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine for discovery of the first antibiotic, known as Penicillin.

Years passed. Nobleman’s son suffered from a deadly variety of Pneumonia and his life was saved by only one medicine. And the medicine was, Penicillin.

Ostensibly, how intricately entire world in intertwined with the means of Karma-s. Our Karma-s affect others and vice versa. Veda-s have ordained, one’s Sva-Dharma alone is one’s Karma and this Karma-logy must evolve into Karmayoga, supreme and sacrosanct with it’s primacy of all Yoga-s inviolable being foundation of existence of entire Brahmanda. Every Karma has a well-defined gestation period. Prior to gestation period, it is known as Sanchita-Karma and Prarabdha- thereafter. Duration of gestation period depends on intensity and content of the Karma in question. In fact, it is a tussle between effects of renditions of Punya-Karma and Papa-Karma. For example, one may commit a murder and he/she is arrested within 24 hours. while Ravana could be punished by Sri Rama after years of his Papa-Karma. Why? Because effect of his tremendous Sadhana was under redemption, that protected him and he abused it. The moment it was exhausted, he was slain. In quantity, intensity and content, Karmaphala is always greater than its corresponding Karma. Every Karma multiplies several times over while delivering it’s proceeds irrespective of it’s nature i.e. whether Sakama or Niskama. While both orders of Karma-s inevitably deliver their proceeds, it is only Niskama Karma restricted to pursuit of Sva-Dharma that does not affect its performer. ‘Karma and it’s Karmaphala’ are perfectly in harmony with the fundamental doctrine of ‘Cause & Effect’ that governs entire universe. That’s how Karma-Gati operates.

Karmayoga  is exceedingly mystical, so much so that it has it’s humble origin in simple principle of Physics i.e. action/reaction, cause/effect  etc. to inanimate objects practising it viz. rock falling on ground is smashed into fragments, to non-contemplative creatures viz. trees selflessly bearing fruits for all to Mumuksu-s undergoing severe austerities to attain Moksa  i.e. emancipation from the mortifying cycles of births and deaths.

Prarabdha Karma  ripe to be redeemed, is redeemed as soon as favourable/facilitative ambiance is available. It will have to wait for such an ambiance even for hundreds of lives and thousands of years if it comes to that. Instances are available in the Mahabharat/Ramayana to that effect. It is Prarabdha Karma that looks for appropriate parents/family/society/community/country to facilitate its nullification. So Karma alone decides, where and how many times we are going to be born. State of mind prevailing moments before demise enjoys primacy in deciding details of subsequent birth. However as soon as it is attained / redeemed, immediate impending Prarabdha takes over. It is only Sanchita Karma that can be obliterated before it matures into Prarabdha, through Tapasya/Sadhana/Bhakti  etc. Most powerful method to dissolve Sanchita Karma is rigorous Pranayama. As every disease is a Karmaphala, Pranayama destroys Sanchita Karma to allow the Sadhaka remain healthy and Tejasvi while Prarabdha Karma is impossible to be wiped out which even Param Brahma will not / cannot do that. It is imprints of our Karma that encapsulate and blur the divinity hidden within all of us. Process of purification i.e. dissolution of Karma-prints known as Samskara, leads to gradual attainment of our divinity. Param Chetana in all of us is absolutely untainted i.e. devoid of Samskara. That’s it’s natural/original state of existence and all our activities, intelligently or ignorantly/directly or indirectly/long or short run/knowingly or unknowingly…are meant to attain that alone, also affirmed by Vasudeva Sri Krishna in Srimad Bhagvad Gita so vividly. That is the only objective of our existence.

Very natural question arises, why does Param Brahmatma  do all that at all? Why can’t He just relax and enjoy His eternal existence instead of forcing crores of Jiva-s into serious problems? Answer is, if He doesn’t do that eternally, He shall forget about His own existence, may again slip into Nidra Yoga from which He succeeded in coming out after humongous divine efforts. He would not like to be so careless again. So He creates toys like us to play with / witness the play and remain conscious of His own Absolute Oneness. Also, same is the raison d’etre for all varieties and diversities in the world. That is why, so many Yogi-s / Sannyasi-s burst into laughter whenever you mention anything pertaining to this world/life. They have realised, it is all a cosmic joke, nothing else.

Now are you inclined to call Param Brahma, Supra-Ahamkari? I would prefer to remain mum. Your/everybody’s answer is the final judgement on Him.

II Om Tat Sat II