Karkidakam: The Season of Rejuvenation in Kerala

Karkidakam is the last month of the Malayalam calendar (followed in Kerala), which falls during the month of July or August. With the coming of Karkidakam the monsoon rainfall enters its final phase in Kerala. Traditionally in Kerala, this period of the year is considered most ideal for undergoing Ayurveda based body rejuvenation therapies. The body is considered highly receptive to Ayurveda treatments during this period. There are various types of Ayurveda therapies that people undergo during the Malayalam month of Karkidakam. And these therapies help an individual to go through the rest of the year by having a recharged and energized body and mind.

Ayurveda, a holistic system that rejuvenates not only the body but also the mind and soul, recommends Rithu Charya. It is the specific observance of diet and lifestyle suitable for each season to defend the body from the lashes of changing seasons. By following a strict routine, we can cancel the effect of the sudden transition from the scorching summer to the cool monsoons.

A vegetarian diet is recommended for this season by Ayurveda practitioners. Ayurveda tackles monsoon-related problems by administering a medicated gruel called karkidaka kanji or oushada kanji (medicinal gruel). Karkkidaka kanji consists of boiled cereals and medicinal plants. Along with njavara rice, 12 to 24 types of medicinal herbs are used in preparing the gruel.

Karkidakam is also the best time for rejuvenation therapies. During the rainy season, the body’s receptivity to medication is at its peak and hence therapies aimed at strengthening the body would be more effective. Karkidaka therapies can not only neutralize many diseases caused by the change in climatic conditions, but also can avoid health problems that spring from the modern way of life and faulty eating habits. Ayurvedic oil therapies and those prescribed under the Panchakarma treatment are recommended during this season for cleansing the body system. The traditional system of Ayurvedic medicines helps us to live in perfect harmony with the nature.

While in Kerala during the monsoon season, try Ayurveda from recognized and centres of repute. Kerala Tourism has given accreditation to Ayurveda healthcare providers and you can check out the details by visiting www.keralatourism.org/ayurveda/.

Courtesy: Kerala Tourism

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