K Surendran takes responsibility for BJP’s pathetic fall in Kerala elections

BJP state president K Surendran has declared that he takes the primary responsibility for the party’s defeat in the assembly elections. He noted that he has given an explanation regarding the poll debacle to the party leadership.

“I am ready to face anything. The party leadership can take a decision on it,” said Surendran. He was addressing a press meet here on Tuesday.

“There is no point in criticizing BJP over the political weakness of Congress. Vote trading has happened between CPM and Congress.” he pointed out.

It is clear that the polarisation of Muslim votes also took place ahead of the polls. LDF has obtained votes of groups including SDPI in seats where Muslim League candidates were not in the fray, alleged the BJP leader.

He also criticised the Chief Minister for alleging vote trade between Congress and BJP.

He slammed that CPM has obtained votes of communal forces including the Muslim League and Jamaat-e-Islami.