#JusticeForAsifa is nothing but a war on Hinduism

The agenda of those behind the high-decibel #JusticeForAsifa campaign is getting clearer by the day. Designed meticulously, managed professionally, the media campaign has served its purpose: demeaning Hinduism and its symbols and India and its government.

A temple attacked by Islamists in Kerala

Never before in the history of India, had the religion of rape-accused and victim become an issue. In Assam, several minor Hindu girls were brutally raped and murdered by Muslim Bangladeshi immigrants. But never did the media cared to show the victims’ face or name the victim or name and shame the perpetrators. But in the case of Asifa, all these finer rules of journalism were thrown to winds. The photo of the rape victim was flashed without any self-restraint.

In northern districts of Kerala, Islamist groups targeted Hindu shops, public transport vehicles, temples and private vehicles. CPI(M) cadre also supported Islamists in denigrating Hindu Gods and Goddesses and symbols. The CPI(M) is whipping up communal frenzy by encouraging Islamists to counter its political rival Muslim League. In some places, Muslim mobs indulged in stone-pelting.  Hindus were attacked physically and their vehicles damaged. In a rally staged by Islamists, protesters shouted slogans like “We will cut hands of RSS men

A Left activist and controversial college lecturer Deepa Nishant  has stated in a Facebook post that 31% of the total electorate who voted for BJP should be exterminated. This is the best way to deal with Hindu terrorism.



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