#JusticeForAyisha: Why V-liberals fear circumcised penises

Durga Malathy with Left leaders

After the rape and murder of Asifa, a 10-year-old Muslim girl in Jammu, there was outrage all across the country. Some ‘reduced-to-vagina’ liberals and out-of-work Bollywood actresses holding posters posted their pictures – revealing the ‘Hindu connect’ in the gory incident. What followed was an organized anti-Hindu tirade.  One hitherto unknown Left-leaning artist Durga Malathy drew pictures of different kinds of penises – one had a BJP flag emerging out of the urethral opening of an erected penis. Another had a trishul with its middle arm in the shape of penis. Disgusting!! But our CPI(M) Lok Sabha member MB Rajesh relished her artistic expressions and posted an eulogy on his Facebook page. Several comrades, including a member of the Tukde-Tukde Gang (now a law-maker in Kerala) called on her to extent moral support to her. Another specimen, a Thriruvananthapuram-based stormy petrel, pledged not to visit temples in future “because Asifa was allegedly raped inside a temple”. Controversial Left activist Deepa Nishanth wants to give up all pretensions of dialectical engagement and take out a gun and shoot the “31 per cent of Hindus who voted for the BJP” to put an end to Hindu terrorism.  But the icing on the cake was the statement of Rashmi Nair, a CPI(M) activist who along with her husband used to run a sex racket involving minors, who said she was afraid of travelling in vehicles which have images of Hindu gods.

But all these worthies are silent on the Malappuram molestation case in which a 60-year-old CPI(M) leader and millionaire Moideen Kutty is the culprit. The only feminist who spoke against the incident was Sugatha Kumari and the Islamists have been trolling her for this.

The sexual harassment took place with the consent of the child’s mother. Reports suggest that Kutty was exploiting the plight of the woman whose husband was bed-ridden. Although a complaint was registered with the local police, CPI(M) leaders and the police shielded him. The police acted on the complaint only after the leaked footage was shown in a local channel.

Interestingly, the tormentor of the child was a campaigner for justice for Asifa. He rubbed shoulders of local CPI(M) leaders in demonstrations seeking justice for Asifa. Interestingly, a Left-leaning blogger has even criticized the social media for attacking the reputation of Moideen Kutty “who was only using an opportunity provided to him”. Yes. The child is at fault!!

Deepa Nishanth: The ugly face of CPI(M)’s violent mindset and hypocrisy

In the wake of the Kathua episode, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan put out a Facebook post with a picture of Asifa in which he “specifically stated the minor was raped inside a temple”. This in fact triggered outrage which radical Islamists used to target and assault Hindus. Business establishments run by Hindus, attacked Hindu temples and pelted stones on the police.

Anger is pouring out in the social media over the silence of Left-liberals who react to everything that is happening in BJP-ruled states. Of late, madrasas in Malappuram have become dens of unnatural sex and sexual exploitation of minors. A recent newspaper report said the largest number of sexual assaults cases on minors in Kerala reported from Malappuram. Sharaf Ali of Malappuram was arrested December 21, 2017, under Sections 14, 15 of the POCSO Act and 67 B (ab) of the Information and Technology (IT) Act, for his role in spreading pedophilic content.

The question many netizens are asking is: “Why Durga Malathy is not drawing pictures of penises this time? Is she afraid of cut penises?”