Journalism of courage: Why Islamic State, Leftists love to hate Kerala’s Janam TV

Nationalist Malayalam TV channel Janam TV is under the threat of the Islamic State terrorists. The threat message has been posted in an Instagram account of the outfit. The title of the message is “Mujahids’ Message To Janam TV”. The message reads: ‘’We have come forward to establish the law of God who executes the laws of sun and moon. We worship the only God who created the earth and sky. The message invites Janam TV to join the God whom they (Mujahids) worship. It warns the channel that if they do not, they should get ready to leave this world and face the harsh punishment of the hell.”

Under GK Suresh Babu’s stewardship Janam TV emerged as a professional media group representing the nationalist and Hindutva forces.

The message shows a YouTube link of Janam TV published in the Janam TV YouTube on June 23, 2020. It is against the ISIS terror activities. That the threat message mentions the name of the particular channel highlights the importance of the threat.  

The threat is against the channel, its Managing Director P Viswaroopan, Director US Krishnakumar and Chief Editor GK Suresh Babu.

Janam TV, ever since its inception, has been exposing the anti-Hindu and anti-national, pro-terrorist stances of successive governments. This very policy has been inviting the wrath of the parties, regimes, groups and bodies who are exposed day by day. Janam is the only channel who has been following a consistent stand against the Islamic terrorism which spreads wings in the state of Kerala, thanks to the soft approach from both the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) and CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF). It has exposed the infiltration of Islamic fundamentalists into all non-BJP main stream parties in the state.

Even though Janam TV is owned and controlled by some nationalistic Hindus, other channels, political leaders and people portray it as an RSS channel.

During the Sabarimala agitation days of 2018–19 Janam was the only Malayalam channel which stood with devotees and exposed the LDF regime’s conspiracy to destroy the Hindu belief system. They worked round the clock 24×7 to send reports and images direct to homes.

 It is the only Malayalam channel which informed the viewers about corruption cases involving top functionaries of the CPM government and their blatant loot of tax payers’ monies. It is the only channel which flashed the news of the IS recruits who fled the country and joined IS in Afghanistan and Syria.

Under GK Suresh Babu’s stewardship Janam TV emerged as a professional media group representing the nationalist and Hindutva forces. The media house has not compromised its ideals just for the sake of business like its competitors do.

Recently, some Red Jihadis came up with a biopic eulogizing Variyan Kunnathu Kunjahammed Haji (1877–1922), who spearheaded the genocide of Hindus during the Khilafat movement in Malabar in 1921. Despite being the leader of the fanatic killers who went on rioting,  converting the Hindus into Islam and killing those who refused and raping the Hindu women, stabbing even the Hindu babies into death, demolishing temples and Hindu houses, setting fire to paddy fields and grain storages, recently lot of fan followers have come out to sing paeans to him. Couple of film makers who are close to both Islamist forces and mainstream political parties, especially CPM, immediately declared films on Variyan Kunnan. Both Congress and CPM joined hands to give clean chit to Variyan Kunnan. Both of them have been following the political line that Mappila Riots is a part of the country’s struggle for independence, thanks to the vote bank politics. Interestingly one of the film makers is infamous for his antinational approach towards issues of paramount national importance. He used his social media accounts to abuse the union government in the light of the Citizenship Amendment Act, Beef Festival, etc.

All nationalistic organisations and Hindutva leaders opposed the move to glorify a notorious criminal. And, Janam TV, despite knowing that it was alone in the fight, took the dynamic initiative to expose Variyan Kunnan and those who tried to eulogize him. This is one of the major reasons for ISIS’s anger towards Janam TV. Vargeeyathayude Adiverukal (Roots of Communalism), a much-talked about  Malayalam book by Suresh Babu is another shock to the Islamic terror groups, because, it reveals the root, cause and roadmap of communalism in the state.   

Meanwhile, UN warns that there is well knit net work of IS terrorists in the state. This is disclosed by the 26th Report of the Analytical Support & Sanctions Monitoring Team of United Nations. This revelation comes close on the heels of NIA’s hands reaching out the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s office in connection with the major gold smuggling in the state. M. Shivashankaran, IAS,  CM’s Principal Secretary and IT Secretary,  has been suspended and now undergoes hours long NIA interrogation sessions in connection with gold smuggling case and related antinational activities. The report says that 150 to 200 IS terrorists live in Kerala and Karnataka. They target not only Bharat but also Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Report adds that they are trained terrorists of Al Qaeda and had designed to execute huge terror attacks in the region.

Central Intelligence had pointed out in the past that Kerala is the haven of terror organisations. NIA had found out that about 30 youths had been recruited by some terrorist groups some time back.