It was just a trailer, Picture Abhi Bhi Baaki Hein: PM Modi

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NEW DELHI: Borrowing a quote from Om Shanti Om, a hit movie by Shah Rukh Khan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today described the past 100 days as a trailer and said that the movie is yet to start. He was speaking in an election rally in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

The first 100 days in governance were just a “trailer”, and the complete picture would emerge in the years to come. “Before the elections, I had promised to create a strong and work-oriented government — a government that will work at a speed that’s even faster than the earlier one, a government that will strive to make all your aspirations come true,” he said.

PM Modi said his government was committed to ensuring all-round progress of the country as well as punishing those “looting” it. “Development is our promise and intention too. The country has never seen such rapid pace of development before,” he said.

“At the same time, a massive crackdown on corruption has begun. The people who try to loot the public will be put in their place,” he added.