Istanbul to Host 4th International Feministanbul Poetry Festival

Hilal Karahan - feministanbul poetry festival turkey

Feministanbul Poetry Festival, an international poetry festival dedicated to femininity will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from November 7-9. The annual literary event held since 2016 will feature women poets from across the globe is conducted jointly by World Poetry Festival (WFP), Capital Writers Foundation (WCF), World poetry movement (WPM) and Eagle municipality.

The theme for the year’s Poets’ Meet is Violence Against Woman.

“Women around the world are facing physical, psychological and economical violence regardless of their nation of origin. We are against all forms and ways of violence for it starts where words end,” said Dr Hilal Karahan, the Secretary-General of Writers Capital Foundation who is also the organizer of the event.

“While poetry is one among the most powerful means of expression, we hope the event will speak to the world against multiple types of violence against women thus helping to stop this tendency,” Hilal added.

An author of more than 10 volumes of poetry, Hilal Karahan is also a member of various humanitarian organisations across the world. An ardent lover of Indian culture and tradition, Dr Hilal Karahan has spent a number of years in India serving the people here.

Poets from across the world are expected to attend the event. Apart from the regular sessions on poetry reciting, various other cultural programmes will also be conducted during the event that will enable cultural interaction between representatives of participating countries, said the press release.