ISRO successfully completes three orbit raising manoeuvres of GSAT-30

ISRO has successfully completed the three orbit-raising manoeuvres of communication satellite GSAT-30 and succeeded in placing it in an orbit close to its operational orbit.

The space agency informed yesterday that as planned all manoeuvers were completed successfully using the satellite’s propulsion system.

The cumulative duration of operation of the propulsion system for these manoeuvres was 2 hours 29 minutes. It said, satellite solar panels and antennas have been deployed and the satellite is placed in an orbit with a perigee of 35, 826 km and an apogee of 35,913 km with an inclination of 0.11 deg which is very close to its operational orbit.

The satellite was launched on January 17 onboard Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana. With a mission life of 15 years, GSAT-30 is an operational communication satellite for DTH, television uplink and VSAT services.


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