Islamists attack Hindu Munnani leader, father in Tamil Nadu

A group of radicalised Muslims on Sunday mounted a moral attack on Hindu Munnani leader Muruganandham, a resident of Alangudi village in Puthukotai district, South Tamil Nadu. He sustained fatal injuries on his head. The victim’s father also sustained injuries in the attack.

Both the victims are undergoing treatment in Thanjavoor government hospital.  Muruganandan was a target of the radicals as he was campaigning against forced and illegal conversions being carried out by Muslim radical outfits in the area.

South Tamil Nadu has emerged as a hub of Islamist activities. NIA has arrested two Islamists who are associated with Ansarulla, an Islamist outfit working for the establishment of Islamic state in South India.

Hindu Munnani leaders said Muslim radicals have been targeting Hindus who oppose conversions.

In February this year, V. Ramalingam, 42, a Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) activist, was hacked to death by workers of a radical Islamic outfit for preventing conversion activities in his area, in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.



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