Islamic State call triggered violent anti-Hindu hartal in Kerala

In a chilling audio clip, fugitive Kerala-origin IS recruiting agent Abdul Rashid had called Muslim to wage a Kashmir-like jihad in the state, exploiting the Asifa rape-murder case to the hilt. The emergence of the video clip is a tight slap on the face of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and CITU media who have been claiming that “RSS was behind the hartal which was organized against RSS-BJP”.

Rashid called upon Islamists to wage a war to establish Caliphate in India. Rashid Indian Muslims to either migrate to the Islamic countries and if they can’t wage jihad. The message telecast by Janam TV carries the hint of IS tightening its grip on India. Soon after the message, thousands of Muslim youths without any leaders got together and staged violent agitation, looted Hindu business establishments, destroyed vehicles owned by Hindus and assaulted Hindu youths and harassed women. But when all these were taking place, the Chief Minister and the media were trying to associate the Sangh organisations with the hartal.

The message should be treated serious in view  of the WhatsApp hartal of April 16.  It is reported that intelligence authorities have confirmed the message. Abdul Rashid is the husband of Yasmin, the woman IS operator, who has been sentenced for seven years imprisonment in the first IS case of the state. The message has come out as a terrible bolt from the blue when the whole state is still in the grip of shock of the WhatsApp hartal and the reported intelligence assumption that IS was behind it. It is believed that IS’s hand is evident behind the widespread anti-Hindu attacks in Malabar and state-wide pro-hartal posters on April 16.

Rashid’s message asks: “What is happening in Kashmir? How many Muslim women are raped and killed by Indian armymen in Kahsmir ? Who funds the army? How much money government funds for this? How much money government raises for maintaining the army? Who are they? They are Hindus; they are always against Muslims. They want to drive the Muslims away from that area. If Hindus get power they will do it; history has proved it. Still Kerala Muslims move hand-in-glove with Hindus. They try to appease Hindus and Christians.  You will learn the lesson only when it (read Kathuva-like incident) happens in your family. Old timers knew it; they knew about Khilafat of 1921.”

Rashid airs his voice messages quite often. He belongs to Kasaragod and was an employee in the infamous Peace International School, the institution recently underwent strict actions for its anti-national lessons in the syllabus.

Till recently terrorists communicated secretly; but now, they are very much out in open, thanks to the pseudo-secular attitude of ruling CPM-led LDF and opposition Congress-led UDF. Their eyes are glued to the vote bank politics, and nothing else.