Islamic extremists unleash violence in Kerala in the name of protest ‘hartal’

It came like a bolt from the blue on April 16. They called it ‘hartal’. But, it was an undeclared one. Even though it appeared to have been engineered by social media, no doubt, it was a carefully orchestrated modus operandi to unleash violence and chaos. By all means, they might have taken several days to execute this sinister design. The social media posts said that it was a protest against the rape in Kathua. The hartal led to curfew in three places for a week in Malappuram district, thirty policemen were injured and several cases were registered.

The hartal was a camouflage to unleash widespread violence in Malappuram, Kasargod, Kannur & Thiruvananthapuram districts. In Malappuram, the goons attacked the ambulance of Seva Bharati a service department of RSS. They destroyed the compound wall of a temple and damaged its structure in Ambadi Nagar, Malappuram. They shouted the religious war cry ‘Bolo Thakhdeer’ and attacked policemen and several government-owned KSRTC buses and autorickshaws. The media men who shot the visuals of the attack on Seva Bharati ambulance were also attacked. Heaps of tyres were set to fire in the streets. The idea was to create terror.

There are widespread complaints that police did not take effective steps to curb the violence. It is an undisputed fact that the Islamic extremists are CPM workers (and of course, Congress also) during the day and extremists once the sun sets. That is why CPM state secretary had to issue a statement that CPM had nothing to do with the hartal or violence.

According to sources, the Islamic extremists had started preparations on the Vishu day itself, that is, April 15. More than 1000 people congregated near Tirur in Malappuram and marched towards RSS karayalaya and raised provocative slogans. There wasn’t any physical clash as the RSS men displayed self-restraint. The protestors again marched in the streets. When the police stopped them, they attacked them and hence police had to resort to lathi charge.

In Kasargod, five KSRTC buses were damaged in stone pelting. A driver’s eye was seriously injured. In Kannur, the extremists marched to the police station in protest against the arrest of their men and threatened the deputy superintendent of police.

In Balarampuram, near the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, SDPI-PDP (both are Islamic extremist organizations) workers attacked media personnel, destroyed four auto-rickshaws and raised violent slogans like ‘we will chop hands and legs’. They also raised slogans denouncing Hindu Gods. The local police have registered cases against nearly 100 SDPI workers for public property destruction.

Similarly, in Kochi hartal operators blocked public transport and private vehicles and closed the shops by force. SDPI general secretary Ajmal Ismail said in a statement that the hartal was launched by the youths through social media and it was a success hence the political parties should understand the spirit behind it. More than 250 men have been arrested throughout the state in connection with the hartal. Reports suggest that most of them are SDPI activists.

No doubt this is the beginning of converting Kerala into Kashmir. Until now Islamic fundamentalists had been using Kerala as a safe haven for planning their unlawful activities elsewhere. But, now, they have made a successful experiment that the state is ripe for their violent anti-Hindu and anti-national activities. But, unfortunately, both ruling CPM-led LDF and the Opposition Congress-led UDF does not dare to move a finger against these fissiparous forces. RSS and RSS inspired organizations have been warning about this danger since long, but all have fallen on deaf ears.