Is Kerala CM’s son-in-law Riyas going to be the successor of Pinarayi? Cyber commies have started branding

Creating strong speculations about P. A. Mohammed Riyas currently serving as the Minister for Public Works Department and Tourism who is the son-in-law of Kerala Chief minister as the successor of Pinarayi, cyber commies have started branding him. The branding is mainly using social media sites. Several videos have appeared portraying Riyas as ‘powerful’ face of the communist party.

The media wing of the communist party played a major role in Pinarayi Vijayan’s second chance whereas crores of rupees were spent on social media alone. The party has a dedicated cyber wing too who similar to that of party goons unleash terror in social media. Cyber warriors are appointed even for commenting on various stories uploaded in online portals whereas comments against are brutally attacked or reported by a group of people leading to the removal of any comment against the Pinarayi government.

PA Muhammad Riyas, 45, who contested in the recent Assembly elections and won with a record majority of 28,747 votes, is set to be the youngest member of the new Kerala cabinet. Riyas, a native of Kozhikode and an advocate by profession, is the son of former police commissioner PM Abdul Khader and KM Ayishabi. He will most likely hold two portfolios — Tourism and Public Works Department.