Is Karnataka turning into a safe haven for illegal immigrants?

After the gangrape incident of a Bangladeshi woman and the arrest of 38 illegal Sri Lankas coming from Mangaluru, it looks like Karnataka has turned out to be a hub for illegal immigrants.

As per information, hundreds of illegal immigrants are still staying in different parts of the city and the police has already begun to search their hideouts, reports Asianet.

In Mahadevpura and city outskirts, people from Assam, West Bengal and other North East regions reside in closed colonies and end up working as rag pickers and take up other menial jobs.

In the past, as per reports, some illegal immigrants from Bangladesh sneaked into India at the border and after entering, reportedly by bribing officials, they managed to reach Karnataka and other areas. Through some agents, they manage to get voter ID cards and Aadhar cards and it is said the same modus operandi is still on.

The sources say, the local leaders and agents also use them as vote banks.

The debate on illegal Bangladeshi migrants gained momentum after a woman was recently gangraped. During police investigation, it was revealed that both the accused and the victim belong to the same gang and had entered India illegally and were into brothel business. They also had opened fire on two rape accused who tried to flee from police custody.

A case was registered, the woman also gave her statement before the magistrate and the investigation is on.

Prior to that, Pakistani woman Khadija Mehrin, 33, from Bhatkal was arrested for illegally residing there from 2015.

As per reports, the woman married Mohiddin Rukkuddin, a resident of Nawayat Colony of Bhatkal in Dubai in 2014 and a few months later, she arrived in India with a tourist visa only for 3 months. However, upon the expiry of the visa, the woman failed to return.

During her illegal stay, the woman not only gave birth to three children but also allegedly managed to get Aadhaar, Ration card and PAN card by producing fake documents.

“She entered India illegally and stayed with her husband at Nawayath Colony in Bhatkal. After her marriage to Mohiddin Rukkuddin in Dubai, Khadija entered India illegally in 2015. She had travelled on a tourist visa to India for three months in 2015 and stayed back illegally. During her stay here, she gave birth to three children,” SP Shivaprakash Devaraju was quoted as saying in a report.

The authorities have booked her for violating provisions of The Foreigners Act, 1946.

In another incident, 61 Sri Lankans entered India and 38 of them stayed in Karnataka illegally to travel to Canada through container ships from Mangaluru. A joint operation by both TN and Karnataka cops led to the arrest and a case was registered in this connection.

Various incidents show that Karnataka has become a hub for illegal immigrants and authorities must act to get them deported and also ensure such incidents are not repeated.

Following such incidents and questioning the government’s action, CM BS Yediyurappa has stated that all such persons will be deported back.

Report: Asianet News