International Media accuses India for “statistical oddity” in Covid 19 cases; Expresses doubt over the “real number” of cases

While the country is fighting with the global pandemic with a team of dedicated medical professional, police force and various other departments, international media accuses India for ‘a statistical oddity’ in the coronavirus testing numbers. The media also questions about the country’s data management.

Every day for over a week in late March, government data on the difference between the number of overall samples tested and the number of individuals tested remained exactly the same – 890, says report adding that this is despite both sets of numbers increasing every day.

While the number of overall tests will be greater than or equal to the number of individuals tested, given some people get re-tested, the repetition of the number baffled experts, the reports pointed out. “When it is exactly 890 [repeatedly], that needs further explanation,” the Jakarta Post quoted India-based epidemiologist Tanmay Mahapatra.

The report also says that the issue has ‘reignited’ researchers’ calls for the Indian government to share more granular data.


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