International Kala Mela brings hidden art treasures from across India alive

First International Kala Mela organized by Lalit Kala Akademi at IGNCA, Janpath, New Delhi, is an endeavour towards bringing more attention to the world of art and artists. With a presence of artists from multitudes of the art arena, the International Kala Mela is proving to be a treasure trove for art-lovers. One must-visit attraction of this art fair is work of those artists who have travelled to the capital city from remotest corners of India, and are here to exhibit their unique artistic styles.

Art forms such as terracotta, Mithila and Madhubani painting, Gond Art, Kerala’s eccentric mural art, traditional art from remote North Eastern states such as Tripura and Manipur, lac painting are a striking emblem of Indian art diversity at the Kala Mela. A scholar from Lalit Kala Akademi’s Chennai regional centre, Chaganti Durga Prasad is a terracotta artist. He is exhibiting a range of his artistic mastery at his stall; whether super-tiny or life-size, each of his art speaks volume of stupendousness of Indian terracotta art.

An artist making a portrait

Kesu Das has come to the city from Orissa. His paintings are an example o the amalgamation of traditional art and artistic genius. He paints using lac (a kind resin) and puts forward art-pieces which he claims to be unique in nature.

Almost forgotten art forms such as Mithila/Madhubani art forms, Gond art and South India’s much famous art form ‘Tanjore paintings’ are also presented here. Tanjore painting is a mix of painting and sculpting which uses gold foil in creation.

Students participating in a painting competition

Besides the 300+ art stalls displaying paintings, photographs, graphics and sculptures, dance, music, drama, films, storytelling, painting competitions and workshops are added attractions for the art lovers at the Kala Mela.

Talking about the presence of such diverse Indian art forms at the International Kala Mela, CS Krishna Setty, Administrator, Lalit Kala Academy said, “India is a country of arts and artists. We always put our effort to bring each art-format of the nation to a grand recognition. I am happy that we are able to achieve it to some extent via International Kala Mela.”

Cultural evening at the Kala Mela

International Kala Mela is being held at IGNCA, New Delhi from 4th to 18th February 2018.