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Creating impressions of time

The internet has become the part and parcel of life of people in the modern era. We can see everything around us turning digital and within the reach of our fingertips appears the globe a tiny mass of soil encompassing all lives in it. Massive revolution has reflected in our lives too and we see around all the so-called traditional dressed up anew. From the days where letters were scribbled on the barks of the trees, technology has taken us to a place where the digital imprints can be accessed by people living in opposite poles of the earth within a soft touch in the devises.

We are living in a digital era, however in India, not much importance is given in incorporating technology into the field of literature. When the whole world revolves around three letters SEO (Search Engine Optimization) authors doesn’t realize that they are being denied the right to excel in their career as a writer by a number of publishing firms in the country. Here we are incorporating the concepts of conventional publishing to the new age digital technology to ensure the authors who wish to hear their name echoed in the world.

A warm welcome to The Indus Scrolls Press, an emerging name in the field of print and digital media.One of our main objectives is to inspire budding authors to get published thus helping them to occupy their own space in the realm of mainstream literature. We believe it is important to create our own footprints in a world, imprints deep within the hearts of people and we care for the world where literature has played vital role in bringing greater changes in the society since time immemorial, to transform world a better place to live.

Our Objectives

The Indus Scrolls Press publishes scholarly and academic writings, poetry, short fiction and Novels and is a leader of a number of events associated with the same. We do accept submissions for book length publication of academic and scholarly writing in all disciplines, poetry, short fiction and novels as we are committed to introducing new and vibrant authors from all over the world but at the same time we stick to the quality of works.

In today’s world publishing has become just a mechanical process of printing works in folios and sending back to the author without looking into the possibilities of enhancing the popularity of the work or to provide authors an opportunity to secure their names in the field. However one of the most important aspects of our publishing group is its commitment in branding the poets especially with reference to highly sophisticated, most modern way of branding, by establishing his/her name deep in the worldwide web. In the new age we make use of a number of new media to attain this goal.

What makes us different?

There are a number of Publishing Houses across the world where the question arises why we need another publishing house or what makes The Indus Scrolls Press different.

There are a number of advantages, however, here are a few points to note:

  • ISP is a new age publishing group that makes use of the most modern trends in media and publishing. We understand that Search Engine Optimization is the key in today’s world. Along with publishing your book in traditional format, the works will be converted into various digital formats and will be optimized for maximum visibility in the World Wide Web.
  • ISP is an initiative under Indus Scrolls News Bureau a pioneer in media that has a huge community of readers from across the world. Supported by media persons from Indus Scrolls News Bureau and other media firms, the work by you will have a great reach and will be popularized with the help of a number of media.
  • We host a few national and International literary organizations such as The Writers Capital Foundation, South Asian Association for Human Interaction and Territorial Integrity (SAAHITI) that consists of eminent personalities in the field of arts and literature. Thus the author who publishes with ISP has a unique opportunity to have a global outreach and to become an internationally acclaimed writer.
  • Various services such as social media promotion and other PR packages are all within your fingertip. Grab the opportunity to feature yourself in giant platforms like Goodreads, Amazon Kindle for ensuring the repute that is your due. Rather than just publishing a book, establishing you in the fascinating world of literature. Personal branding is also another service that we offer on demand.

Do you have a work to publish?

Do you have a book to publish? Here is a golden opportunity to publish it under one of the most prestigious names in the Media Industry and to let the world know you. If you wish to submit your work, please send a sample of 05 poems, a chapter of short fiction and novels or a short synopsis of other genre from a book-length collection to our team of coveted editors at the group of publications at [email protected]. We will let you know our decisions after our editors recommend your works for publication. We are very quick in response and will come back to you at the earliest.

We invite you to our family, to the noble company of intellectuals across the world and for an experience of publishing your treasured works that would create your own imprint in the world of mighty letters.

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