Saturday, January 23, 2021


“We're in the third age of advertising. People aren't just engaging with the messages; they're interacting with the media. Brand communication that fails to get consumer participation is increasingly wasted.” -Simon Clemmow

Building your own strong reputation in broadcasting is vital in today’s world and especially significant when Internet has become the most important channel in the media industry. Here is a warm welcome to Indus Scrolls Communications (ISC) that would change the very outlook of your company making use of the most modern technologies suitable for the most modern world.

We are pioneers in digital media, experts in the web, and creative to the core offering you a full end-to-end media solution across multiple platforms that incorporate every aspect of media preparation and management – from the simple to the complex. We make use of the widest possibilities of New Media, thus making us a one-stop destination for all that would define your business in the new era.

Using our integrated communication model, we devise simple, short yet successful campaigns that revamp your image and capture a mind share in the consumer’s psychology. Our advertising services play an active role in disseminating information for our clients; and make strategies to inform their audience about the products, services and related activities, through various media tools.

Here are our services at a glance:

Print Media

Building your own strong reputation in print media plays an important role in the success of any business. We make use of the possibilities of Newspapers, magazines, and all related materials that are fully under the purview of printed advertising. Indus Scrolls within its powerful connections in media take on the responsibilities of communicating with the newspaper/television media to also accent and create vibrant and positive news that helps enhance the performance and public attention for all our client companies.

Graphic Designing Services

Whether you're looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, the talented designers at Indus Communications can make it happen. We transform your message or your client’s ideas into a clear vision for driving brand objectives through graphic design, using sophisticated design software and technologies. The core value that we behold is sustainable and economical resourcing, powerful narratives, and intuitive visualizations. We also undertake printing services at the most affordable prices.

Web Designing

A virtual office of your business/organisation, your website is the first what people find on the World Wide Web. A good functional website is an invaluable asset to any company but given the cut-throat competition, having a website which captures attention of your target audience is indispensible. We understand your business needs and customize design to suit your needs to help you stand out from the millions of other websites. The team of experts in SEO is ready for taking your name and fame across the world.

Electronic Media

AD Films - Some of our considerations while airing a TV, Radio, Theater, Multiplex campaign are cities or markets where it is to be broadcasted, time duration, expected first air-date, number of cable subscribers (for cable TV). We also make corporate films that would document an overall view of the client’s company including its products and/or services, with graphical representations at conferences & seminars. Training films are also provided.


Here are our services in a nutshell:

  • Webpage content and development services
  • Branding, captioning and designing
  • Unique Public relations programs suitable for target community
  • Print Media, Outdoor Media and Electronic Media
  • Press management (Television, Newspaper & Radio) and advertising
  • Book publishing in all disciplines

From creation, designing and placement of advertisements to the execution of promotional campaigns, the advertising agency accomplishes the assignment successfully in the most creative and impressive manner, keeping the preferences of your target audience in mind.

To add value to our client’s business and make paid advertising campaigns easier and more affordable, we also offer a package of ads at reduced cost, wherein, you determine the allocated funds for the campaigns and we offer the best advertising solution befitting that budget.