Indus Astro: Auspicious time for Narendra Modi’s swearing-in

Exit polls are not exact polls. However, stars predict a huge victory for Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government which we have predicted much before the Exit Polls were out.

In the two articles written on the prospects of NDA in the polls, I have predicted how stars are favoring PM Modi for a jubilant return to power with the blessings of more than 90 crore people of the country. Though actual results are yet to come, but truth remains unchanged. The final figures are most likely to be in conformity with the predictions already published by this paper.

A humble effort is attempted here to cull out the auspicious timing for Prime Minister Modi to take oath of office on his return to power and assume the responsibilities as the head of the state. ‘Muhurat’ is a branch of astrology which illustrates how auspicious timings could be calculated and how it impacts the life of the people. But, this article limits its focus on the auspicious timing for taking oath of office by the head of the state any day after 23rd May, 2019, the day in which the counting is done. We are already in the waning phase of Moon (approaching towards ‘Amavasya’). The Moon loses its strength now and regains power from 8th June onwards.

Friday, the May 24, would be the ideal day for the coronation as ‘Shravana’ Star with ‘Shasthi Tithi’ makes it auspicious for the function. The propitious time commence the oath of the head of the state would be between 12.20 pm to 12.40 pm. ‘Shravana’ is termed as Lord Vishnu’s Star. Moreover, the Ascendant rises at Leo (Simha Rasi) for the proposed time. The Ascendant lord is placed in the 10th house, the house to be seen for ‘Karma’ (Professional success). Sun also represents power and authority in the government. Jupiter aspects Sun, the Ascendant lord, from 4th, the places to be seen for stability and happiness. Sun and Moon are placed in mutual trines with Jupiter in the 11th from Moon, an auspicious composition to reckon with. ‘Yoga Karaka’ Mars is combined with ‘Gulika’ and placed in the 11th house indicating prosperity for the country.

The next best alternative dates, if it does not happen on 24th May, could be Wednesday, the 29th May or Friday, the 7th June. Monday, the 27th May could also be considered as an alternative. However, it would be desirable to stick to 24th May.