Indian Army and Parakram Parv

The Indian Army did a splendid operation in 2016 deep inside a country on our western borders notorious in the world as a den of terrorism, narcotics, crimes of all varieties, religious persecution, all sorts of brutalities on women/children, mass murders of their own citizens, corruption, border infiltration…. you name it and they have it. Most unusual part of the tragi-comedy known as Pakistan is that all these crimes/brutalities are orchestrated by their own very large Khaki-clad gang of criminals which they call Pakistan Army.

Not only Pakistan is the land of all sorts of crimes on a national scale patronised by their so-called Pakistan Government, it has been so right since the word Go in 1947. They have not revealed even a trace of desire to mend their ways or learn from hard agonizing sufferings of past and present.

Pakistan is a fit case to be completely destroyed with nuclear strikes the way Japan / Germany were razed to dust during WW-II. Unless MA Jinnah’s DNA is completely burned down, new DNA will have no space to grow and the menace of Pakistan shall not only continue but flourish all over the world. Jinnah’s DNA creates more Jinnahs all over the world. We too have two Jinnahs in our country, one in Rampur and the other in Bhagyanagar, also called Hyderabad. I may be accused of being too hawkish in my perception but let me tell you, sooner or later, large majority in the country shall have the same perception as no other alternative appears to exist on the horizon.

On the contrary, the Indian Army –

liberated Israel from Ottoman Muslims of Turkey in 1918,

liberated India from British occupation in 1947 in association with INA of Netaji Bose,

liberated Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971,

liberated Kargil from Pakistan in 1999,

liberated scores of people from natural calamities all over year to year….

when Samajwadi Party goons surrounded Allahabad High Court to burn it down under Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Government in UP, Sub-Area Commander of Allahabad rushed with his contingent fully armed to guard the High Court and their records on a telephone call received from the then Chief Justice of the High Court and history was created.

The Indian Army is always there to protect the nation and all natives round the clock. The Army is the most disciplined, most glorious and most respected professional combat force in the world. We owe our entire freedom, civil liberties, entire prosperity to the Army. It is exceedingly unfortunate that the Army was forced to undergo humiliation in 1962 on Chinese borders, rudely insulted and derogated by Nehru’s Defence Minister VK Krishna Menon, then completely neglected and ignored by Defence Minister AK Antony under UPA rule. It goes to immense glory of the Indian Army that they did not react adversely being a non-political professional force where values are adored so high. In any other country, such a leadership would have been wiped out by the Army within no time.

Hail Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. They are the real national heroes to be adored and saluted all the time.