India scrambles fighter jets after Chinese helicopters spotted near border

Days after military skirmishes on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Tuesday scrambled fighter jets along the Indo-China border in Ladakh, after Chinese military choppers flew close to the LAC. According to IAF sources, it was nothing “unusual” and a “routine affair”. However, IAF sources added that the region is under high alert.

Seeking to play down the incident, a defence official said, “Such things happen at times. China military choppers fly in their territories and out fighter jets in our territories. Nothing to worry, so far. The Chinese military helicopters were flying close to LAC and our planes were also doing routine sortie.”

However, a defence expert told Indus Scrolls that there has been a series of similar incidents in the past several days. Though they were not very serious, India is also not lowering the guard. According to him, a few months ago, Chinese troops had entered Indian territory but soon left. He said India sees this move by China as a provocation by the Chinese.