“India is fighting two-front war against China- virus and PLA,” says Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal while speaking at a press conference said that the nation needs to battle against coronavirus by standing together.

“India is fighting a two-front war against China. One with the virus sent by China and the other one on the border (with the PLA). Our soldiers are fighting on the border while our doctors and other medical staff are fighting against the virus. We must stand by our soldiers and we must stand by our doctors,” Kejriwal said.

India will not back down from a fight, Kejriwal reiterated.

Talking about Delhi’s coronavirus situation, Kejriwal said that there are 25,000 active cases in Delhi and 33,000 people have recovered. 6,000 people are in hospitals and 12,000 people are being treated at home.

“With the help of Central government, we are conducting antigen test which yields result in 15-30 mins,” he said