India, China can do something more for a compassionate humanity: Dalai Lama

“India and China share an ancient spiritual connection. The two countries have a great potential and they could work together at a practical level.” These thoughts were expressed by the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama. He was in New Delhi recently to inaugurate an event The World of Children organised by an non-governmental organization.

Talking to Indus Scrolls, he said, “India and China can do something for a more compassionate humanity. Imagine two billion people working together. India and China share an ancient spiritual connection. Chinese Buddhist Hsuan Tsang had visited Nalanda and brought Nalanda Buddhist traditions to China.”

Describing himself as a lifelong student of Nalanda tradition of ancient India, His Holiness said, “All thinkers of Nalanda are Indian. So Nalanda’s tradition is India’s tradition. The Nalanda traditions had turned Tibetans, who were warriors, into more compassionate, peaceful and non-violent nation,” he said. Hinting at the Chinese invasion of Tibet in a lighter vein the leader said, “So sometimes in Delhi, teasing my Indian friend, I say if Tibet still remained in the previous way of life, like Mongols, Chinese invasion may not have taken place.”

The spiritual leader, who has lived in India in self-imposed exile since 1959 also, remarked that the knowledge of ancient India can make a significant contribution to the world to develop genuine happiness and inner peace. Wishing for a peaceful world he emphasized that neither country had the ability to destroy the other. “Whether you like it or not, you have to live side by side. Nobody in the world wanted violence but it was happening because our minds are dominated by destructive emotions due to short-sightedness,” he said.

Talking about the modern education system he said, “Existing modern education was oriented to material values. India is the only country in the world that can effectively combine the benefits of modern education, ancient knowledge and emotional training for noble causes”.



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