India announces USD 15 million grant assistance to Sri Lanka in a bid to promote Buddhist ties

India has announced USD 25 million grant assistance to Sri Lanka for the promotion of Buddhist ties between the two countries informed Ministry of External Affairs on Saturday.

“Testifying the long and civilization links and cultural heritage between the two countries, Prime Minister Modi announced grant assistance of USD 15 million for the promotion of Buddhist ties between the two countries,”

Amt Narang, the Joint Secretary for Indian Ocean Region Division (IOR) of the MEA said during bilateral virtual summit.

“This grant will help deepen people to people linkage between the two countries in the sphere of Buddhism,” he added.

“India will facilitate the visit of a delegation of Buddhist pilgrims from Sri Lanka in the first inaugural flight to Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh,” the MEA said.

“Sri Lankan PM Mahinda Rajapaksa made a special mention of the Jaffna Cultural Centre, an iconic project built with Indian assistance. The Centre is almost ready and PM Rajapaksa extended an invitation to PM Modi to inaugurate the project,” MEA said.

“PM Modi expressed his hope that the temporary restriction imposed by the Sri Lankan side on imports of some products will be relaxed soon as this will also benefit the Sri Lankan economy and common people,” MEA official said.