‘Inappropriate’? Netizens criticize Aamir Khan’s Daughter’s Instagram Video

For many it was disgusting and they labeled it ‘inappropriate too! This is what happened when Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan shared a beautiful video of herself on her Instagram page.

In the video Ira can be seen shaking a leg with her boyfriend, Mishaal Kirpalani, looking all happy. While the video is every bit adorable, many netizens targeted Ira Khan with mean comments and slammed her video saying that it’s ‘inappropriate’.

Many also went on to say that she’s shaming Aamir Khan’s name by uploading such videos and we’re quite appalled to come across such negative comments. However, many netizens defended Ira and called her and Mishaal, an adorable couple.

Ira is Aamir’s daughter with his first wife Reena Dutta, with whom he also has a son named Junaid. Recently, Ira confirmed her relationship with Mishaal on Instagram. Mishaal describes himself as an artist, producer and composer on his Instagram page. He has also released a single ‘Mish – Pills’ on YouTube.


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