IN THE MIRROR OF MIND: Poem by Sriparna De

Painting: Mirror By Haku Shah Courtesy:

When I think of your existence
clouds are gathered in my mind,
sometimes breathing seeks you
in the surroundings of decorated flat.
times are passing in such busy schedule
in the waves of citizens movement
your faded house’s address has flooded
my mind has drenched with the appeasement of modernity,
Far past peeps seldom at the window of present.
Life is passing by holding hand of evolution
mirror of time reflects the shadow,
When the thought of brain is warmed at micro-oven
I feel the divine smell of blessed heat.
the nightmare of dawn is cornered
difference between you and me is huge,
landslides took place in the highly beautiful relation
high rain draws now the picture of colourless depression.

Poem by Sriparna De