IN MEMORIAM FOR MY MOTHER: Poem by Smaragdi Mitropoulou

Painting Courtesy: 'GREAT SPRING' by David Fernandez

Fading memories
lost in oblivion
before the sun sets.
Clock of time
strucks midnight.
A bougainvillea alone
reminds you.
I remember…;
Do you remember …?
Images are slow
faces … landscapes ….
but you kept me as an amulet.
Your gaze froze on me
and then …… silence.

Poem by Smaragdi Mitropoulou

Smaragdi Mitropoulou was born in Athens. She has studied history and archaeology at the University of Athens and had postgraduate history studies at the University of Cardiff, in Great Britain. She serves in secondary education. She is also a Creative Writing graduate (Diploma in Creative Writing) from the Writers’ Bureau College (Manchester, UK), and has studied theater writing at the International Theater Institute and directing at the Foundation of Culture in Tinos island. She has received awards in Greece and abroad for her poetry and prose. Also, she is Programme Coordinator of Writers Capital International Foundation. So far, she has written four books, which have been published and launched in Greece. One of them, “One moment just an eternity”, has been translated into English and was published in 2020 by the English Ontime Books Publishing House. Her poetry has been translated into Bengali, Chinese and Taiwanese and published in online and print magazines in Philippines, China and Taiwan.