Imran Khan’s ‘lack of etiquette’ leaves Pakistanis embarrassed

A photograph showing Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team of diplomats meeting his counterpart in Turkey during his recent visit has kicked up a row. According to many Pakistanis, “the body language of PM Khan and his entourage” was “non-serious” and highly unbecoming. “The sitting postures of the members of the Pakistani delegation shows the casual attitude and lack of basic diplomatic etiquettes and ethics. While Imran Khan sat casually, one member of his team was busy with his mobile and some in a sleepy mode.”

On the other hand, the Turkic officials “displayed decorum and maintained diplomatic etiquettes” to the visiting delegation. “They sat in perfect postures showing respect to the guests,” said a Pakistani commentator.

The commentator mentioned above said Pakistan doesn’t have a culture of respecting others. “Pakistanis suffer from attitudinal issues. We lack civility and respect for others,” he added.

Some time ago, in a Pakistani TV programme, a woman participant said many non-resident Pakistanis pass off as Indians, as “Pakistanis are looked down upon” in western societies for their lack of mannerisms and acceptable civil behavior. “It is always Pakistani men who drink on overseas flights and create ruckus,” said the participant.