IMMORTALITY & THE PROPOSAL: Two poems by Agathi Arvanitaki

Paining Courtesy: Immortality of Time Painting by Milene Hertug. Fine Art America


A glass of water –
I did not ask of you anything else.
A glass of water
to put out my fire.
I burn up – I burn up
When I think of your body.
I burn up
when I think of you dead.
But you had a hidden secret


The angels are singing tonight by the window.
Tonight the idea of love will propose to you.
You will smell lilies tonight.
Do not be afraid,
I will always be near you.

Agathi Arvanitaki

Poetess Agathi Arvanitaki was born in Elefsina, where she grew up and completed her curricular studies. She is a graduate of Panteion University. She is a Member of the Board of the Group for UNESCO Arts, Letters, and Sciences, Greece, as well of the Board of the Elefsina Film Club. In 2003 she published her first poetry collection entitled “A bouquet of poems”. In 2020 she wrote her second poetry collection entitled “Loneliness”.