Illegal slaughter of cows continues unabated in Telangana ahead of Eid


    More than 5,000 cattle are tied on various streets in Telangana for Eid. A group of 100 animal lovers met with Resident Commissioner, Telangana, on Tuesday in the Capital to urge action against the cattle mafia creating havoc, with Eid round the corner. With enough proofs viz., the Supreme Court rulings, AWBI directions to all States and pictures and videos of hordes of beasts being gathered in various cities in Telangana, the group sought an immediate action to stop the illegal slaughtering.

    Telangana has become notorious for operations of cattle mafia which flout every law possible, including directions of the honorable Supreme Court and High Court of AP and Telangana to run and operate a large number of illegal slaughter houses in Hyderabad and neighboring areas, often under the very nose of authorities. With Eid around the corner, thousands of cows, buffalos, steers and heifers are being smuggled into Hyderabad and adjacent tier 2 cities and hoarding has begun.

    In the Indian Express newspaper dated 08.08.2018, Hyderabad’s Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar has stated that slaughtering of cows is prohibited but slaughtering of bulls is permitted. Such a misinformed statement from the protectors of law of the state in a widely circulated daily is shocking and detrimental to upholding law of the land. It blatantly overlooks the provisions of the Act wherein slaughtering of the animals in the absence of certificate amounts to violation of the section 6 of the Act and such violation is a cognizable offense punishable with imprisonment up to 6 months.

    What is worse is law abiding citizens who are reporting the crimes to police are being threatened and booked! FIR has been registered in Chityal Police Station, Nalgonda District, against Nitesh, an investment banker who protested against the 5000 cattle being collected in the city and police has threatened to arrest if any cattle related issue happens in Telangana. Such is the might of meat mafia, all the laws are being broken by police itself.

    The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and High Court of A.P & Telangana have directed that there shall not be any unauthorised slaughtering of Cows, Buffalo’s, Steers, Heirs, Calves either male or female unless a certificate under section  6 of A.P Telangana Prohibition of Cow Slaughter & Animal Preservation Act 1977 and the said certificate shall speak that any given animal is fit for slaughtering and such certificate under section 6 of the said act is obtained for each one of the animal which is brought to the slaughterhouse. Even the Animal Welfare board established under section 4 of the Act which is under the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, has given guidelines to the respective Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries of Home Department, Urban Local Bodies & Municipal Administration, Animal Husbandry Department, Department of Transport, FSSAI, Pollution Control Board, Director General of Police across the country vide letter dated 12.07.2018 and 20.07.2018 to prevent unauthorised slaughtering by establishing check-posts, forming a force to specially to monitor the unauthorised slaughter houses. However no action has been taken to prohibit and prevent slaughtering or shutting down illegal slaughter houses.

    The animals that are brought for slaughter are transported in such pathetic and cruel conditions, and do not comply with conditions that could warrantee a fit for slaughter certificate. It is also observed from the advertisement banners that hoarders are  selling the cows and milch animals for slaughtering.

    Illegal Slaughter Houses are in these areas:

    1. Bahadurpura
    2. Chandrayangutta
    3. Shalibanda

    Animals are hoarded illegally in:

    1. Bahadurpura(Near Kamela Live Stock Market)
    2. Shaheen Nagar (Pahadi Shareef Road)
    3. Falaknama (Vattepally road)
    4. Shalibanda(Govt girls high School)
    5. Chandrayangutta ( Mohammed Function Hall)
    6. Riyasatnagar (Mee Seva Center)

    Immediate media intervention will help save countless lives and uphold rule of law which our constitution demands. Might which is becoming right in Telangana would soon make it another Kashmir if we allow this mafia to control law.

    An all India agitation has been planned by people who still believe that we function under Indian Laws. There is a dire need to stop these criminal activities and to advice Mr Anjani Kumar to follow the law of the land and not the law of the mafia.