Identifying Gender roles: The need of the time

Gender discrimination happens when there’s a bias based on a person’s sex that leads to the definition of roles, he/she should play in society. How far researches happen, debates go on the issue will never get resolved. As it’s a not of the age, of the day or not of any moment.

The seeds of gender discrimination could be seen back in every home. Unless and until we dare enough to renounce all the norms we have attributed for gender put upside down, this social will all the way remain the same ages and ages after.

Everything is set, all the norms been set, very strongly built not just by some but by many for the unbound pleasures and benefits they were wanting for always. The only question that remains is whether we need to adhere ourselves to bow down before these norms.

It’s not just our daughters who ought to be free out of these constraints but more evidently our sons too. As our girls grow up with the No’s, No’s and No’s; in turn, our boys get reared with Yes, Yes and Yes. The question is why ‘yes’ and why ‘no’.

Right from the time a boy is born, he is laden with many responsibilities.’Oh! It’s a boy’, and he is right here to help his father and to take the moral right to be the custodian of mother and sister, well to take care of them too. So who is privileged, less privileged the more and most privileged?

Gender, in fact, is a constructed norm, very wisely contracted for the benefit of a class community- a class community that seeks power, pleasure and ultimate progression towards inequality. Let’s hope for a day we could rejoice over equality, rejoice over the ultimate joys, renouncing completely what we need to.

Parvathy Ramachandran

Hailing from the Trivandrum, the capital city of the green paradise Kerala, Parvathy Ramachandran is an avid writer and an educator. She started her career as humble as a teacher at Al Noor International School, Bahrain, before she joined TKMM College, Trivandrum as an Assistant Professor of English. She has also served Sree Narayana College for Women, Kollam. Parvathy’s fields of interest include poetry, short fiction, Trans-Cultural Studies, Gender Studies etc. She has presented herself in a number of national and international seminars whereas her articles on trending contemporary issues have found their place in a few online platforms too.