Idea that ‘all religions are not equal’ is a fallacy: Dr. David Frawley

Hinduism has always been more spiritual than religious; more about promoting and propagating pluriversal, cosmopolitan, and ecological ideas since times immemorial. The major impediment to survival and spread of this idea has been its magnanimity. For it was easy to fool Hindus and make them believe in fallacious ideas, like “all religions
are equal”, which is halfway into conversion in his opinion. That neither two theologies are equal, nor could they ever be. Hindus were never given their due share of power and recognition by the state, which they always deserved. No politician during the times immediately after independence wanted to relate himself/herself with Hindu ideas
and culture.

Although many politicians have made it a habit to throng temples during election times for gaining political mileage, ironically the same atmosphere of docility is still prevalent among the Hindus. Monikers like “all religions are equal” are planted in the minds of
Hindus to gradually alienate them from their roots; destabilize them by doing so; and finally exploit their dilapidation; their devaluation by converting them into Abrahamic fold.

A corrective measure, the very first step towards tackling the menace of tarnishing the image of Hinduism with mala fide intentions would be to participate in voting in large numbers, otherwise non-voting will turn Hindus into comfortably numb beings, being unaware of the vicious plans of their other religious counterparts, and thus always off-guard to save and survive themselves in the hours of dire exigencies.

How in the West scholars, particularly’ Marxist scholars are on a paid mission to project ‘Hindus as Whites in Brown bodies’. Attempts like these are nothing but manifestation of their modus operandi to concoct convincing narratives with contorted connotations to malign Hinduism, which according to him, is the most ancient and most modern idea of
all times, as it not only reflects in scriptures dating back to thousands of years before the birth of Christ, but also reverberates in teachings of living gurus.

(Report of a speech delivered at a seminar on Hindu Identity &
Consciousness in Contemporary World by Dr David Frawley in New Delhi)