I will take revenge inch by inch post-election, Mamata tells poll officials, BJP workers

    Ami inchite inchite bujhe nebo (I will take revenge inch by inch)

    Upset by the massive undercurrent against her party in the general elections, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is openly issuing threats to her political rivals (read BJP leaders), bureaucrats and general public.

    Addressing an election meeting at Hasnabad in Sundarban on Sunday (May 12), she warned her rivals that post-election “ami inchpe inchpe bujhe nebo” (I will take revenge inch by inch).

    In a direct threat to poll officials, Banerjee said: “I will remember everything. Remember you will not go unpunished. I have all the records and documents with me. All those who are working against us should remember this.”

    Warning the electorates, Banerjee said: “The BJP will go from power at the Centre. Then we will take revenge in every inch. The EC can do everything within its power. But why the State Government will be by-passed where there is question of law and order. Today also one of their central force personnel has shot at a TMC worker at Ghatal. The EC or the CAPF will be there for a few more days. Tomorrow it is our police will take charge. Then where will you go?”

    The Chief Minister made several vitriolic comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She said: “He says I do not allow the Hindus to perform Durga Puja or Sarswati Puja. I want to ask you all whether this accusation has a grain of truth. He is a liar whom I feel ashamed to call a Prime Minister. I challenge him to prove his charges or do sit-ups in the public and I also will do the same if I fail to prove my point.”

    Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress goons continue to roam freely and mount attacks on rival party workers in the state. BJP candidate and former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh was attacked physically and she had to take refuge in a temple to save herself from violent TMC workers.

    In Diamond Harbour, a group of armed Muslim TMC workers barged into a BJP meeting on Sunday and disrupted it. They removed the sound boxes and switched off the lights. Some BJP workers were manhandled by Trinamool men, alleged local BJP leaders.



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