I will be an actor first and forever: Alia shares her emotions as first-time producer

    A tense Alia Bhatt shares emotions on Day One of DARLINGS 

    Debutant producer and actress Alia Bhatt took to Instagram on Saturday to share her emotions over her first producing venture “Darlings” in which she plays a lead role. “Day one of DARLINGS! my first film as a producer but I will always be an actor first and forever (in this case a very nervous actor)” writes Alia.

    Darlings, starring Shefali Shah, Roshan Mathew and Vijay Varma, is co-produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment.

    A nervous looking Alia writes: “I don’t know what it is.. a night before I start a new film I get this nervous tingling energy all over my body.. i dream all night about messing up my lines..become jumpy.. reach set 15 mins before time fearing I’ll be late!” 

    “I guess this feeling will never go away.. and it shouldn’t – because being nervous.. and feeling unsure means you really really care P.S – wish me luck pls (I’ll need all of it to match up to my co-actors @itsvijayvarma @shefalishahofficial @roshan.matthew).”