I, an Indian

From the snowy peaks of Kashmir,

To the mighty shores of Kanyakumari,

Stretches the land of ascetics and astronauts.

In such diversity, a nation existed;

Born from the ashes of colonial enslavement,

Rose a phoenix of secular empowerment.

Aye!! We be a beacon

Of “Unity in diversity”,

An example to the world

For love among fellow brethren.

But I, an Indian be but saddened,

For in my small foray across her infinite domain,

I’ve met a multitude of Rajasthanis, Malayalis & Sindhis;

A good many Gujaratis, Marathis & Biharis;

A plethora of Punjabis, Tamizhans & Kannadigas;

The scions of Mumbaikars and Dilliwalas;

But never once, to my dismay,

An Indian did I meet on Indian soil.

And I can’t help but wonder

On foreign ground, we be branded Indian,

Why such unity vanishes within us?

To divide thy brethren on caste or creed,

To judge thy compatriot on place of birth,

Or to embrace with open arms our fellow Indian?

I, an Indian, ’tis not a decision but a duty.