I am Rani Padmini… I am the Woman…

I am Rani Padmini and before her,
The Queens of
Dahir, Gwalior and Ranthambore;
I am also the Queen of
Kampili, Chanderi, Raisen and Bundelkhand;
I am also Rani Karnavati & Rani Roopmati,
The Queen who offered her head on a platter;
I am the Woman who didn’t think twice
Before putting Honour and Valour
Ahead of Shame and Wealth, Throne and Harems;
Patriarchy, Fear & Lust don’t terrify me, they don’t define me
I cannot think of only myself, my life with
An invader, a looter, a lusty, cruel, Adharmi Mlechha;
I have to think of all the children & women
In my kingdom;
I chose to see to it that the invaders
Got neither me, nor my riches,
Neither my women, nor my children
All they got for their fiery lust,
Was just burnt embers and dust.

I am also Pannabai
Who sacrificed her child to save her Prince;
I am also Jijabai
Who indoctrinated her son Shiva
With love for her Matrubhoomi;
I am also Ahalyabai
Who valued Temples and Cows
Protected and guarded them like her own;
I am also Kittur Chennamma and Rani Abbakka
Who taught the Portuguese and British a lesson in Valour;
I am also Lakshmibai
Who did not want to be a Vassal
And sacrificed herself & her son
Instead of being a slave to the British;
There’s more to life than wealth and a throne
Dignity is not something that can be understood
By someone who moots for life in (sexual) slavery
As better than death in purifying agony.

I am the Mother of Adi Shankaracharya
Who gave up her son for upholding Dharma;
I am the Mother of Bhagat Singh,
Rajguru and Sukhdev
And countless other freedom fighters
Who gave up her son for a free Bharat;
I am the Mother of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
Of Major Vikram Batra and many more
Who gave up her son
For retaining that Freedom;
Don’t weigh our sacrifices in your scales
Of Sold Journalism and Purchased Politics;
The one with NO Values
Won’t ever know my Value.

Begone you sick parasites
Masquerading as feminists;
Begone you sick journalists
Masquerading as upholder of ethics;
Begone you sick politicians
Masquerading as saviours of democracy;
Begone you sick opportunists
Masquerading as conscientious citizens of this country;
Bharat does not need you
To retain her glory;
She is the Mother who
Treats all as her own;
Don’t behave as if without your advices
A minority will be let down;
See yourself in the mirror, be afraid of what you see
For your own true intentions will definitely bring you down.