Even in 2019, smartphone carrying members of Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Hurriyat Brigade in their thirties obstinately do not want to pay more than Rs. 10/- pm as JNU’s Hostel Fee on the ground that they belong to Below Poverty Line segment of society, knowing very well that entire fee structure was finalised at the climax of Harappan civilisation !! They are the same ‘poor’ so-called students of JNU who spend lavishly on so many other heads without letting anyone know anything about sources of their bounties.


JNU is a national curse occupying 1019 Acres of Delhi with annual fee of Rs. 300/-, 1:6 ratio of teacher and taught, gifted with 22 hostels and a subsidy of Rs. 42 crores in 2014-15. Out of some 8000 students, 57% belong to Arts, 15% to International Studies and 55% of entire strength being MPhil or PhD scholars with an annual grant of Rs. 556 crores i.e. Rs. 7 lakhs per student annually. Even such a high subsidy has failed to elicit any publication or patent worthy of mentioning which turns out to be just one so-called article per 4.5 students while more than 2000 conferences / seminars are attended every year. Nobody knows what is ‘meditated’ over in these conferences and how the institution has been benefited, if at all. 600 PhDs awarded every year have led to just 4 patents in the name of just 4 faculty members !! Of students ? Alas, it is none.


JNU was created as a proceed of support to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s minority Government in Parliament during 1960s by anti-national Razakari hardened Communists with a Hindu-hater Nurul Hasan leading the pack. If you glance at their track record of ‘achievements’ of all these decades, it may very well be dubbed a Communist Seminary on the lines of Deoband Seminary working day and night to destroy basic identity of the nation, destroy Sanatana Dharma, convert all Hindus into Halloween-Zombies and cart away entire wealth of the nation to Gulf, Europe and China. True to the character of the person whose name the University carries, it has always been mired in controversies after controversies. We venture to have a glimpse of their ‘intellectualistic glorious’ activities –


In 1991, one so-called student was arrested on the charge of funding terrorism in Kashmir.


Two Kargil war heroes were brutally beaten on JNU campus in 2002. They venomously hate security forces guarding the nation zealously.


Eldely students of JNU celebrated with great joy when 76 Jawans were slaughtered in Dantewada of Chhattisgarh in 2010. The ‘Josh’ was so high that they even booted national tricolour as they were enjoying ‘freedom of expression’ under a deaf, dumb and intellectually stunted Government.


Devi Durga was sacrilegiously declared a ‘whore’. They never miss any opportunity to derogate Sanatana Dharma but have no guts to berate Islam and Christianity.


‘Hard-working and distressed’ student Hem Mishra was arrested in 2013 on the charge of working as a messenger for Maoists under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act-1967.


GSCASH report-2013 states that more than 54% woman students had undergone gender harassment in campus.


They unsuccessfully attempted to raise a ‘Kashmir Cell’ at International Food Festival-2013.


They overtly and vociferously support Islamic Jehad / Naxalism / Maoism…any “ism” that spews venom against unity and integrity of Bharata.


Reports of blue movies being directed and shot in JNU hostels have been floating around.


They raised slogans in favour of Afzal who was delared to be a ‘menace for civil society’ by the Supreme Court in their final judgement on Feb. 8, 2013. So-called students danced in joy to the tune of ‘Bharata tere tukde honge, Insha Allah, Insha Allah’ and the intellectually stunted, spineless Prime Minister merely blinked and breathed clinging to his Tripos and Oxfordian degrees in his bosom.


As if all that was not enough, Nobel Committee moved in and selected a hard-core Leftist, a JNU product for the so-called Nobel Prize in Economics-2019, viewed by many as ‘Greened’ version of Amartya Sen, another blabbering clown enjoying ‘freedom of expression’ to the hilt, as his ‘shelf-life’ has expired though he is still alive, travels into Bharata annually on his ‘abusing spree’. Incidentally, this ‘Greenhorn’ also holds the accolade of being a resident of Tihar Jail in New Delhi.


Admission policy of this Communist Seminary has been deliberately tilted in favour of applicants belonging to Naxalite / Maoist belt of Eastern Bharata, intentionally forced into backwardness by the notorious Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty so as to manufacture ‘Lal-salamis’ on a regular basis creating havoc in the country wherever possible like Sardar Sarovar Project, Kundakulum nuclear power plant, Sterlite Copper Project etc. In the strike against fee-hike, they vandalised statue of Swami Vivekananda on the campus with slogans like ‘Bhagava jalega’ painted on it without realising ‘Bhagava’ is ‘Agni’, symbol of sacrifices as well as the fire of righteousness which will eventually burn them down into ashes if they continue playing with it. Government must step in, ban student’s union elections, rusticate all ‘Lal-salamis’, modify admission policy and forcibly retire all ‘Lal-salami’ faculty members immediately.


Jawaharlal Nehru University must re-incarnate as Veer Savarkar University after the greatest freedom fighter, the only way to consecrate it to obliterate their murky history and to re-start afresh with a clean slate.