How Yoga has helped PM Modi to be a winner

With the results of 2019 parliamentary elections, Narendra Modi has emerged as one of the unbeatable powers in the world who is capable of leading the world towards a better world. It is a power of a person and his dedication that has helped Prime Minister Narendra Modi to influence the whole world, however, Yoga has played a great role in defining Modi as a Global Leader.

PM Narendra Modi considers yoga as a unifying force against “subversive elements” that are trying to divide society. “These elements create walls among societies and nations, affecting the people’s morale while adding to the troubles in their already stressful lives,” he says. “It is in this scenario that yoga emerges as a factor that not only heals societies and nations but also brings them together.”

According to PM Modi, yoga is beautiful because it is “ancient yet modern, constant yet evolving” and provides the “perfect solution to problems we face” as individuals and as a society. He recommends practising the ancient discipline for health reasons. “Ours is a world that never sleeps. At any given time, there is something or the other happening in various parts of the world. This fast-paced existence brings with it a lot of stress,” he said, citing how the world loses almost 18 million people to heart diseases and 1.6 million to diabetes every year. “The way to leading a creative and content life is through yoga. It helps dispel tensions and mindless anxiety,” he adds.

PM Modi maintained that yoga is capable of uniting the world in peace, happiness and brotherhood even during turbulent times.

PM Modi says, “Instead of dividing, yoga unites; instead of spreading animosity, yoga assimilates”. Probably this is what makes yoga increasingly important in the world. Let’s hope that he will further popularise yoga so that it would be the part and parcel of each and everyone in this world that, in turn, will help them ensure physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.