How Urban Naxals, Leftists manufacture fake narratives

Two tweets/news items caught my attention today :

Jignesh Mevani’s tweet – “As per reports Mukesh Ambani spends 700 crore for the wedding of his daughter Isha. As per government reports, 84 crore people survive with less than 20 rupees a day. Isn’t this ‘We the people’ versus Ambanis? This much of accumulation of wealth is obscenity of worst kind.”

Nidhi Razdan’s tweet – “Horrific news coming out of Kashmir. 7 civilians killed during encounter in Pulwama, more critically injured. What a tragic, tragic day.”

Three different people from different walks of life – a politician, a journalist and an activist – all showing empathy for different groups of people. But there is a common thread in all these people & that is the ability to twist news to suit their agenda of –

  • Influencing people to hate a class, caste or organization
  • Influencing the narrative for future use in a political fight


Jignesh Mevani is a Congress politician who proudly (mis)uses his caste to create riots and win elections. But he has problems with others using their hard earned money for personal expenditure. He had no problem receiving a cheque from members of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the Popular Front of India (PFI), who are under the NIA radar after many of its members were allegedly found fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. But a Capitalist making money and spending it hurts him to the core. As per his own admission, he had Rs.1.25 lacs in his bank account while filling the Nomination form for his MLA elections (source: He should have used at least Rs 100,000 from this, to feed some of those who were earning only Rs.20/day. He conveniently forgot that Isha Ambani’s wedding took place in Bharat itself. This means that a good figure of those Rs.700 crores was spent in Bharat itself. It is quite possible that some of those 84 crore people he felt sad for, actually earned a day’s living, directly or indirectly, thanks to Mr. Mukesh Ambani.
Nidhi Razdan is an NDTV journalist who has an absolute soft corner for the Kashmiri Muslims. One wishes that she spared a little bit of her compassion for the Armed Forces who are fighting a never ending war against Terrorists in the same region. One also wishes that she reported the fact that the stone pelters and ‘innocent’ civilians were actually preventing the Armed forces from neutralizing the terrorists who were hiding in a civilian area, thus showing their own support to the terrorists who just want to destroy the very Nation she lives in. One wonders why journalists have forgotten that they have a duty to report facts and not to twist facts to suit an agenda.


Kavita Krishnan is a Left leaning Activist who has a problem with almost everything in society. She feels that “Home is the most dangerous place for women all over the world” and quotes statistics of the BBC that “More than half of 87,000 women killed in 2017 across the world were victims of relatives or partners” to prove this ‘fact’.  Even more amazing is her support for the Zomato delivery boy who tasted food from food packets before delivering them. She says, “The disgust at his delivering ‘jhootha’ also reflected a silent casteist disgust” … One wonders how such people link everything to Caste! Did she try to find out the religion or caste of the person delivering the food and the caste of the person receiving the food? It is quite possible that thanks to our pathetic Reservation system, the person delivering the food was of an upper caste – if this was the case, would she then, still support the delivery boy? Or would she then show disgust at the way Hygiene was not followed by the Upper Caste delivery boy? Or if the camera man was a Muslim / Christian, would she have applauded his bravery in the face of all odds? I just wonder what makes such people biased. How can they call themselves “Activist” after that? Their hatred towards all those who are not Leftists, Naxalites or Congress supporters, is very obvious but they call all others as worthy of hate.

Coming to the second point, such biased people use their ‘intelligence’ to spin a narrative for future use. It is no secret that the 2019 election is going to see spirited fights in the Media, Social Media and all available platforms. It is also no secret that a lot of the narrative will be biased based on funds from abroad. The world will be watching the 2019 election very keenly. From the way these three people have tried to spin a narrative in a span of just 2 days, one can very surely say that some of the false narratives hammered will be:

  • Capitalists receiving largesse from NDA Govt.
  • Innocent citizens being targeted in Kashmir by the Army
  • Oppression of the Lower castes by the Higher caste (with special reference to RSS, I’m sure)

It is time that the people of Bharat recognized these fake narratives and fought against such brainwashing. We have already seen the effect of the Fake Narrative on the Rafale Deal and how the Modi Government was falsely tagged as being corrupt, by the very corrupt Congress Party. A tunnel vision will no longer do.




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