How to increase testosterone in men

     Testosterone is one of the most important hormones produced by the endocrine system. It can be found in both sexes, but especially in men. And for them it is important in the first place. It is this hormone that is responsible for those properties of a man’s body that make him different from women in biological terms. And so for men it is extremely important to maintain a sufficiently high level of this hormone. But, nevertheless, sometimes in the functioning of the endocrine system failures occur, and the level of the hormone decreases. At <a href=”“></a> you will find all the supplements, tips and food guides to increase testosterone.

    Testosterone Rates

     In men, testosterone is synthesized in the gonads – the testicles (testicles), as well as in the adrenal cortex. By chemical structure, the substance belongs to the class of steroids. The pituitary and hypothalamus are also involved in the hormone synthesis process, which secrete enzymes that command the endocrine system to begin the synthesis of the hormone.

    For the most part, testosterone in the body is associated with various proteins. Free testosterone accounts for approximately 2% of the total hormone. Testosterone in young men aged 18–20 years reaches a maximum concentration. Then the hormone level begins to decrease. From about 35 years old, testosterone levels fall by 1-2% per year. Reducing the amount of hormone in the blood of men with age is a natural process. However, a situation is often encountered when a low level of the hormone occurs in men of young and middle age. This situation, of course, is not normal and requires treatment.

    What is testosterone for a man

     Testosterone is responsible for the formation of the male body. This process begins in infancy, continues in childhood and adolescence, and ends in adulthood. However, the role of testosterone is not only in the formation of reproductive organs and external sexual characteristics. Testosterone plays a significant role in metabolism, in maintaining human health. With his participation is the process of spermatogenesis. Testosterone is responsible for the formation of muscle and skeletal systems, for the regulation of body weight. Testosterone is also responsible for many <a href=””>mental processes</a>. For example, testosterone levels the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Due to the effect of the hormone, the man feels the joy of life and optimism.

    Symptoms of Low Testosterone

     In men with low testosterone, there are a number of symptoms that are often not associated with this cause. It:


    • depression , loss of interest in the world,
    • decreased libido or impotence,
    • obesity,
    • feminization – loss of body hair, gynecomastia,
    • reduced muscle mass
    • memory impairment, distraction.
    • Causes of Testosterone Reduction

    The level of the hormone can decrease for various reasons. But, as a rule, they are divided into primary, caused by diseases of the organs of the endocrine system, and secondary, caused by external factors and factors associated with the lifestyle of a person.

    What factors can lead to a decrease in hormone levels? It:

    • sedentary lifestyle,
    • poor nutrition,
    • excess weight,
    • unbalanced sex life
    • bad habits,
    • stresses ,
    • lack of sleep,
    • drug treatment,
    • exposure to harmful substances from the environment.
    • Sedentary lifestyle

    It is well known that movement is life. This rule applies to all people, but especially to men. Nature arranged the male body so that it was convenient to constantly engage in various physical exercises. Previously, men were engaged in hunting, farming, cattle breeding and fighting. All these activities required high stamina and physical activity, which were maintained at the proper level due to the high level of testosterone. Now, most men are engaged in sedentary work, which does not require high levels of the hormone.

    Of course, there is no need to return to the habits of the ancestors to raise the level of the hormone, however, it is useful to remember that in order to maintain an optimal male form, you should exercise regularly. It has long been established that intense physical exercise contributes to the production of testosterone in the blood of men. This is a natural reaction of the body, because without this hormone, an increase in muscle mass is impossible.


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