How fake narratives built to target Modi fell apart

Time reveals all. If one were to just wait long enough for the truth to reveal itself, time itself will reveal the truth. Ever since Narendra Modi became the PM, so many people have been baying for his blood saying that he is anti-Dalit, anti-poor, anti-industry, anti-middle class, anti-students, anti-opposition and whatever else is possible. He hardly ever answered back. But some of the recent news which is breaking out, makes one see through the lies of these people who just wanted to earn by targeting Prime Minister Modi.

ROHIT VEMULA’s MOTHER: Rohit Vemula’s mother recently declared that Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) promised to pay her Rs.20 lakh for building a house for her family. She added that the party took them to Kerala and made them participate in a big meeting where the party promised that it would sanction Rs 20 lakh and construct a house for the Vemulas. Presumably, she agreed to spew venom when Rohit committed suicide, on the PM, saying that he did not care for the Dalits. Today, she has not received the promised 20 lakh (she claims that the amount was collected by IUML and in fact the cheques of Rs.2 lakh which she received also, bounced. Do you feel sorry for her or for the PM for the vilification campaign?

JAI BHIM JAI MEEM:  Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (MIM) wanted to show their utmost love and affection for the Dalits and thus this slogan was coined. They even went on a rampage in Pune, Maharashtra to prove their love for the Dalits. But probably some of the Muslims had not received the message since a few months later regular news of Muslims thrashing Dalit youths came with alarming regularity. Some examples –

ALPESH THAKOR & THE VOW TO HELP THE POOR: Alpesh Thakor, Congress MLA from Gujarat was so moved by the plight of the poor that he vowed to help the poor by making them rich. So he went for a function in his capacity as a MLA where he showered money along with many on the stage, on the ‘poor’ performer (who was decked in ornaments).

The OBC leader claimed to have done it for the noble cause of girls’ education. “Earlier, people had showered money in Dayra for their popularity but I did it for girls’ education.” Wonder why he thought that the performer on stage needed education or money even.

ARVIND KEJRIWAL & THE IAS OFFICERS: Ever since he has taken up the post of the CM of Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal has been continuously cribbing about Mr. Modi not allowing him to work. Recently he went so far as to say that the IAS officers were NOT working from the past 4 months and that they were being threatened by the Modi Govt and the LG of Delhi to go slow. Along with 3 other ministers of his, he plonked on the sofas at the LG’s house saying that he was on a Dharna to get the IAS officers to work. Unfortunately for him, India Today’s journalists called his bluff when they went visiting at the IAS officers’ offices, and found all of them working. In fact they were working even on holidays and yes, they said that they were not fearful of Modi ji or the LG, but of Arvind Kejriwal!

UPA & LOW PETROL PRICES: Now this one is special. For years UPA gave us subsidies saying that if it were not for subsidies our petrol prices would be so high that we would not be able to afford it. But this NDA Government under PM Modi did not give us subsidies & still kept a reasonable control over the petrol prices. In the meantime they repaid the unpaid bills to Iran & other Nations, paid off the loans to the oil companies (amounting to Rs.1,30,000 crores) which were never paid from the subsidies amount collected by UPA, from 2009 onwards.

Which lead us to the simple question: Where did our subsidy money disappear to? Where did the money we paid for petrol all these years disappear to? Can someone ask these questions to the Congress please?

KASHMIRIS DO NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF BHARAT: This is the usual nonsense we are fed thanks to the TV channels. On their debates, only Hurriyat members or those who are against Bharat come forward to debate. But recently two incidents showed people of this country that there are many who actually are fed up of the Terrorism in the Valley and want education and jobs for their children. They are proud of their children who join the Army and the Police force. Look at what the father of Martyr Aurangzeb says:

Not just this, the terrorists even killed a journalist who took their side earlier. People are now realising that the separatist leaders do not push their own children into terrorism and stone throwing, but it is the poor who are feeling the brunt of this. But no TV Channel wants to show this; they never call the real citizens of Kashmir to express their views. They only call the Separatists and their mouthpieces.

In short dear readers, stay alert and learn to sift the wheat from the chaff. Be smart, wait for a few days after every drama presented by the Opposition, and watch the truth behind these venomous stories unfold on their own.



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