Hit Pakistan where it pains the most

The legacy of boxing reminds us of the aggressive and gloved sport that requires the players to score points by punching the opponent’s face. The player hard punches in the areas of abdomen and ribs too so that the opponent lowers his arms to expose the ‘sweet face’ where every punch brings points. But there is another way of winning the bout: Knock out! To do that the winner hits the face in such a hard way that the opponent loses consciousness and this is what Prime Minister mostly refers to as “Muh-thod Jawab” which means ‘jaw shattering response’.

Here we are talking about knocking out Pakistan’s face and that is by liberating Baluchistan which is the largest province of Pakistan bordering Iran in the west, Afghanistan in the north & northwest and Arabian Sea in the south where the strategically important Gwadar port is being developed with investments from China. India should liberate Baluchistan just like it did in 1971 to liberate Bangladesh from its erstwhile East Pakistan. We need to show Pakistan once again what the Indian Army is capable of, that if it can send ISI sponsored coward Jaish-e-Mohammed terror modules to the Indian soil in the name of Jihad, then they have to pay a very big political price for it. A state like Pakistan whose government has no control over its army is undeserving to be called as a state. This should not be told in words but must be deliberated through sheer and brutal military action. The current government has shown the boldness to do it.

Jaish al-Adl which is yet another Pakistan based ISI sponsored militant group also martyred 27 soldiers of the Iranian troops in a similar fashioned suicide attack. So the pressure piling up on Pakistan is not just from India but also from Iran, apart from other world nations, because Indian and Iranian armed forces were martyred the same way by ISI operated Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups within a gap of a week. Not just that, the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria which is on the verge of a defeat at the hands of US backed forces would definitely be looking for another safe haven for sustaining its terror activities and we cannot allow it to establish in the Indian soil. Yet another developing scenario is the visit of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman to Pakistan and the simultaneous willingness of the representatives of Afghanistan Taliban to meet Mohammed Bin Salman. Though Saudi Arabia has condemned the attack on the Indian armed forces, it has also gone ahead with financial assistances worth billions of dollars which is apart from delivering free oil to Pakistan for at least three years. Reuters reports that this is seen as a renewed token of gratitude for Pakistan’s commitment in endorsing and protecting the order of Saudi’s royal family in the Arabian Peninsula and in return Saudi Arabia shall be Pakistan’s strategic friend and a participant in its investments along with China. Doesn’t it smell foul?

But all that India could manage to diplomatically check mate the crown prince’s visit to Pakistan is by countering it with a stopover visit by India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to Tehran, Iran’s capital, to meet Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Aragchchi and deliver a strong united message against Pakistan’s terror atrocities. What and where India would stand diplomatically with Saudi Arabia when Mohammed Bin Salman visits India early this week is to be eagerly watched upon.

At this instance the national sentiments in India are for a befitting retaliation and revenge but I opine that we have to give a “Jaw Shattering Response” that is fit to be engraved in Indian history. When you hit the enemy, you hit it where it is weak and pains the most. For Pakistan, Baluchistan is weak, strategic and has witnessed pro-independence sentiments and insurgency by Baloch nationalists for several decades. If China and Pakistan are too interested in Kashmir then India is damn interested in Baluchistan. Let’s not forget Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support to the people of Baluchistan in his address to the nation from the ramparts of red fort during his Independence Day speech in 2016. Now is the time to walk the talk.