Hinduism is the best choice for humanity, says US activist

Hinduism is best choice for humanity, it teaches you non-violence, value of life and vegetarianism. Hindus are most peaceful in world but liberals keep ranting Hindus are violent and terrorist,” says Renee Lynn, a social activist and author.

An Indophile, Lynn started Voice for India project to raise issues related to India and Hindus. In an interview to Bolte Raho, she says she loves Indian people and culture.

She believes that Hindus are the most peaceful people in the world. In one of her tweets, she states: “Tell me one Hindu in a prison here in USA? I’ve walked thru State Prisons, along w/my research, not one Hindu. As graduate with degree in Criminal Justice, trained in areas by FBI, they taught us about Islamic extremist but NOT Hindu extremist. Terrorism has no religion, really?”

In another tweet, she states: “Do you know India provides the largest number of International Medical Graduates to the US & India by far the single largest source of emigrated physicians in the world. Most IT employees in USA are from India & more over about 40% of hotels in USA are owned by Indians. Be Proud.”

Lynn wants to bust myths about India and Hindus. She holds the international and Indian mainstream media responsible for the negative image of Hinduism in the West. In the interview, she says through Voice for India, she wants to bring out the real picture about Hinduism.

Lynn says, “Voice for India is about telling the truth and reality about the real India because the Indian media and International mainstream media like to make lies and fake surveys about India. I project my voice on several media platforms of my experiences and research.”

According to her, she is pained by the lack of education, prevalence of poverty and social discrimination in India.  “Another social issue that disturbs me are the starving people living on the streets. It breaks my heart to see them starving. There should be some program to get them off the streets and help them. In America we have shelters throughout the country and all are welcome there who are homeless, albeit, not all want to come to shelters. On a politic note, I see so much discrimination among the Hindus.  Ironically, India is predominantly Hindu country but yet they always get discriminated against. I like to see more Hindu equality.”


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