Hindu youth says Aisha Sultana tricked him to convert to Islam for marriage

Controversial film director Aisha Sultana who is facing sedition charges is in news again for wrong reasons. In a video released by former producer of Surya TV, Sreejit Marar, Aisha’s former ‘husband’ has made some startling revelations. Although Marar hasn’t revealed the identity of the person, he aired the conversation he had with the anonymous ’celebrity’, who claims to have married her. Marar said the celebrity had introduced Aisha, who later became an anchor in the channel, to him. 

According to her alleged husband, Aisha had converted to Hinduism and adopted the name Aishwarya. They lived together in Thiruvananthapuram for four years. 

Later, he was taken to Lakshadweep and a marriage was organised according to the Islamic rituals. His name was changed to Shanavas and his father’s name was changed to Sherin and mother’s name to Shereen. The actual name of Aisha Sultana, according to mosque records, is Aishumma Beevi. “You can check this in the mosque records,” the youth said. 

The youth says it is his good fortune that the marriage did not last long. He said he wants to leave the whole past behind. On the current controversy, the youth said Aisha could have wriggled out of it if she had tendered an apology. “But she won’t do it and that is the root cause of our separation,” he said. 

Aisha is facing sedition charges for stating that India government was using coronavirus as bioweapon against the residents of Lakshadweep as they are Muslims.