Hindi a little child in Diapers, says Kamal Hassan

Hindi a little child in Diapers, says Kamal Hassan

Film star turned politician, Kamal Haasan called Hindi a ‘little child in diapers’ in comparison with older languages of the country. His response comes after Union Home Minister Amit Shah in a speech addressed the nation to learn Hindi which is our national language.

Kamal Hassan who has found making controversial statements after being a politician made his statement at an event organised by the Department of Visual Communication of Loyola College in Chennai.

“Among the family of languages, the youngest is Hindi. It is a little child in diapers. We will have to take care of that language because it is our child too. We will definitely take care of it. Compared to Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, it is still young,” he said, adding that it was with compassion, kindness and a lot of affection he was saying this and not with derision.

Reiterating his stance on imposing Hindi on citizens who do not speak Hindi, the actor-politician said that it is a good language but should not be forced onto people.

“Our contention is, do not stuff it down our throats. You called us for dinner, lay it on the plate. Don’t make us a guest and give us a menu, in which order to eat. We will not accept it,” he said.

Kamal Hassan’s remark has evoked furious rage over the film star who has acted in several Hindi and South Indian Languages.