Have you Used FaceApp? Danger! They Can Use your Photos in Unexpected Ways!

During the past few months, people are having fun making themselves look older with an app called FaceApp, but they might also be facing a host of cybersecurity concerns. As pr media reports, the Russia based developer is spying on you that would affect you and also the country you reside!

FaceApp, a smartphone app that allows users to apply filters onto selfies they upload, has grown in popularity again thanks to a feature that allows users to make themselves look older. But cybersecurity experts have raised several red flags about FaceApp. It’s made by a Wireless Lab, a small company based in Russia and, according to its terms and conditions, your photos could be used in unexpected ways.

“Consumers just think it’s fun and blindly share,” said Robert Siciliano, security awareness expert at Safr.Me. People get to laugh at their photos, he said. In return, however, such apps want a chunk of your data. Remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal? Many Facebook users unwittingly participated in the “This Is Your Digital Life” personality quiz on the social media site, not realizing that doing so meant that they allowed third-parties to get access to data from them and their friends.

This data included everything from call and text logs to location information — and the data was analyzed by the now-shuttered British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica and used to target advertising to social media users during the 2016 presidential elections.

“There has been a lot of worry regarding Russian-based companies whose hands are being forced by the Russian government [when] they require a backdoor access to the companies’ data and servers,” Siciliano said.

FaceApp previously achieved popularity (and some criticism) for features that let people makes themselves look like another gender or lighten their skin tone. But the latest ageing filter has gone viral. The app’s popularity has risen thanks in large part to celebrities, such as rapper Drake and singing group The Jonas Brothers, who have posted selfies they edited with FaceApp to social media.


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