Hate speech against Hindu beliefs and scriptures; NGO files complaint against IPS officer

A complaint has been lodged against an IPS officer for making hate speech against the Hindu community and religious scriptures. The complaint was lodged against Additional DGP PV Sunil Kumar by the Legal Rights Observatory (LRO). The incident took place in Andhra Pradesh. It was through Facebook that the official made remarks against the Hindu faith and Hindu deities.

An APS official, who runs the Ambedkar India Mission, has been making bad remarks against Hindus. It also insulted Hinduism and the religious scriptures, the Vedas and the Puranas. The police official’s statement was that everything was given to us by the British. The video was circulated on social media.

The complaint alleges that the officer is abusing his power by making such hate speech. A complaint has been lodged against the police officer alleging that he was violating the Constitution and aimed at provoking the Scheduled Castes.