Harassment and Social Media Bullying: Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi attempts suicide:VIDEO

Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi was on Monday admitted to a hospital in Chennai after she allegedly attempted to commit suicide. She had released a video yesterday wherein she alleged harassment by followers of Naam Tamilar Katchi leader Seeman & Panangkattu Padai Katchi party’s Hari Nadar.

According to reports, the actor had released a number of videos alleging that she was facing harassment and that she has taken blood-pressure pills. She also urged that the two leaders be arrested.

The actor has been admitted to Malar Hospital and is currently undergoing treatment. Originally from Karnataka, Vijaya Lakshmi has acted in a few Tamil films.

“I have already taken a couple of my BP tablets, so in some time I will suffer from low blood pressure and in a few hours I will be dead. I would like to tell the fans who are watching the video just because I was born in Karnataka Seeman has tortured me a lot. As a woman I have put up with it to my highest capabilities, I won’t be able to handle the pressure anymore,” she had said in a video.