Hadiya, husband meet Islamist outfit leaders; thank them for support

Hadiya aka Akhila and Shafin Jahan on Saturday visited the office of the pro-Jihadi outfit, Popular Front of India (PFI), to “express their gratitude for all support” given by the organization. They both accepted their association with the Islamist organization. The couple discussed their future course of action with PFI leaders, including its chairman E Aboobeckar.

The couple reached the PFI headquarters at 8.30 am. Talking to mediapersons, the couple said the PFI had supported the woman’s conversion to Islam. Hadiya said the PFI has also supported them in their legal fight in the Supreme Court.

The meeting confirms PFI role in the conversion of Hadiya.

Jahan, who married Hadiya is a terrorist and the court allowed National Investigation Agency probe because it might have also felt the same way, said KM Ashokan, the father of the Love Jihad victim.

“No father would like his daughter to be married off to a terrorist. However, it is not right to criticize the court. We will approach the court again,” said a dejected yet determined father.



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