Grave Negligence of KSIDC: Anti-nationals can smuggle everything through this airport in Kerala as X-ray machine is out of order

Pointing out to grave negligence from Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC), reports say that anti-nationals can smuggle almost everything through Karipur International Airport as the X-ray machine is out of order. It is reported that there is widespread smuggling going on cargo division due to faulty machine.

at the Karipur airport amid widespread gold smuggling. It is alleged that KSIDC is taking an irresponsible approach to replace the machine.

The cargo section of Karipur Airport receives quintals of cargo every month. There is only one X-ray machine here to inspect goods from other countries. It has been inactive since last November. There is a situation where goods by air cargo have to be delivered without proper inspections. Therefore, it is not easy to smuggle gold and other items through this channel.

As per reports, smugglers who are already informed about the issue are making use of this opportunity. Not only gold, but also saffron, cigarettes and chocolate are reportedly being smuggled through air cargo. As the X-ray machine has to be replaced by KSIDC, criticism is mounting that the authorities are not ready to replace the machine despite repeated written requests.